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Olive's service in Weybread and Laxfield

Olive is proudly wearing her land army uniform with her RAF sweetheart brooch pinned to the sleeve of her greatcoat.

Olive J. Emeny describes her WLA service in Weybread and Laxfield in her notebook.

Olive J Emeny writes about her time milking the Red Polls for Mr Tibbenham at Hall Farm, Weybread. She mentions how low flying doodle bugs would scare the cows when they were being brought in for milking. She also writes how hard it was leading the horses on the horse hoes. Olive went on to work for Mr Scoggins in Laxfield; milking cows and feeding pigs amongst other tasks. Whilst working there, she met her future husband, Charlie Feveyear and married him in October 1951.

KEYPHRASES: Suffolk Women’s Land Army, milking Red Polls, land girl memories


Olive is delighted with her Women's Land Army medal.

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